Do you love dogs? - ADOPT!

Earth Angels has hundreds of dogs looking for loving homes. Young or old, large or small, we have the dog for you.

Do you love dogs but can’t commit? – FOSTER!

Earth Angels is always in need of people to foster dogs. Fostering a dog means you temporarily keep a dog in your home until someone adopts the dog. Keeping a dog in a shelter or kennel while the dog awaits adoption can be a very stressful environment for a dog. Fostering a dog in your home gives the dog more personal attention and gets the dog used to living in a home environment. You can foster a dog for however long or short period of time you would like. You can start off taking a dog for the weekend or you can foster a dog for a week, a month or until the dog gets adopted. The choice is yours. Every little bit of time that a dog gets to spend in your home will help the dog become calmer and more adoptable. Are you worried that you will fall in love with the dog if you foster? No problem, if you fall in love, you can adopt the dog yourself or you can stay in touch with the dog after the dog finds a permanent home. There is nothing more rewarding then helping a dog find the perfect home. Once you see a dog that you have fostered playing happily in his new home you will become addicted to fostering.

Do you love dogs but your landlord doesn’t? - VOLUNTEER!

We are always in need of people to help us walk dogs, transport dogs and show dogs at events. If you have technical skills and can help us with our website and email lists, we need you. If you are a writer or graphic designer and can help us with our newsletter and flyers, we need you. If you are a photographer and can get a dog to smile, we need you. If you have marketing skills and can help us get the word out about the great dogs at Earth Angels, we need you. Basically, whoever you are, we need you.

Do you love dogs but you just don’t have the time? - DONATE!

We need stuff. We need leashes, collars, dog food, dog crates, dog toys; the list goes on and on. Please call Emelinda at 917-648-7070 and we will arrange to pick up the supplies.

We also need MONEY (no surprise.) Our vet bills, kennel bills, transportation bills are always piling up. You can help us make a difference by giving any donation, large or small, to help us continue our work. (link to the paypal donation page) Plus, we are a non-profit organization with 501(C)(3) status, so everything you give is tax-deductible.

Do you want to start now? – GREAT!

You can contact Earth Angels at 917-648-7070

We all thank you for your continued support of Earth Angels. The more you help, the more dogs we can help.